WordPress Development

You need more than just a web site. You need a fully customized content management system that will not only make your business shine online, but allow you to make content updates as necessary without the need to hire a developer to make it happen. You’ve heard of powerful content management systems (CMS), like WordPress, but the sites you’ve seen developed on that platform are mostly average blogs and web sites that all look and act exactly the same. You don’t want your site to blend in with the other WordPress sites. You want it to stand out and shine on its own. That’s where we come in.

WordPress service agreements

Our WordPress Development services are so much more than the standard blogs you find online around standard “cookie-cutter” themes. We make your web site and the administrative back-end tailor fit to your wants and needs for your business. We have extensive experience with the WP Codex, what makes it tick, and how to make it do exactly what your web site needs. We can customize themes and plug-ins, develop new ones from scratch, and ensure that your site doesn’t look like “Just another WordPress site.”

We are skilled and experienced with PHP, ASP, and various SQL database structures in addition to JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, and CSS.

Our prices are reasonable, and we offer reduced rates to clients for a set number of hours we work on your project. Contact us for more details on how you can save on a fully customized web site.

Once in a while

Purchase a developer for 5 hours per week.
400per week
$80 per hour for a set amount of hours per week; additional hours will be billed at Normal 100.00 per hour rate. Learn More
72 hour response guarantee
5 Hours per week
USA Based

Part-time help

Add an experienced developer to your team.
800per week
$80 per hour for a set amount of hours per week; additional hours will be billed at Normal 100.00 per hour rate. Learn More
48 hour response guarantee
10 Hours per week
Developer as Liaison**
USA Based

Team member

Need an extra employee, hire one with years of experience
1200per week
$80 per hour for a set amount of hours per month; additional hours will be billed at Normal 100.00 per hour rate. Learn More
24 hour response guarantee
Time sheets avaialble upon request
15 Hours per week
Developer as Liaison**
After Hours Availability
USA Based

custom_wordpress_theme_developmentTheme Development

While many web developers promise customized design themes tailored to their client’s needs, we’ve seen over the years that many of them use what we like to call “cookie-cutter themes” that are obviously developed within the existing WordPress theme structure. At Reactive Development, we develop a custom theme specifically for your business. We offer template services such as:

  • Custom HTML 5, the new emerging standard, for your site themes, giving you an edge most other web sites don’t currently have;
  • Converting PSD (Photoshop Documents) to HTML for WordPress, allowing full creative freedom of design;
  • Changes on various theme frameworks to allow full customization of your site.
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custom_wordpress_admin_areaUser Management and CRM

Depending upon the needs of your business, you may want multiple users to gain certain administrative privileges to the back-end of the web site. These could be employees, business partners, or your average user. You don’t, however, want them to see the basic WordPress back-end that you see. You want a registered user area to look custom made, like the rest of your web site. We can make this happen using existing WordPress features and customizing them to suit your needs. Your site will give all users a truly professional first impression of your business, giving it more credibility online.

Complete Control with a Tailored Admin Area

The daily maintenance of your web site will not depend upon a skilled programmer or developer. Instead, your web site will allow whomever you choose to make simple changes to all content contained on your site, saving your business valuable time and money.

However, no technology remains cutting edge forever. Eventually, your business will require a new look and feel, or the programming will need to be updated to remain fast and secure due to changes in coding standards. Don’t worry, because you won’t need a whole new web site created from the ground up as Reactive Development builds all of our client’s web sites to be fully editable and upgrade-able from start to finish. We build with the future of your business in mind and, budget permitting, we can handle all future back-end maintenance and upgrades for your site.

wordpress_seo_friendly_developmentPlugin Development, Testing and troubleshooting

WordPress is a powerful tool made even more powerful by the number of programmed plug-ins available to help users create and manage various site functions. Plug-ins handle everything from simple functions, such as creating and maintaining contact forms, to more complex ones like those that organize and manage ad campaigns.

However, the most exciting thing about plug-ins is that anyone can create one. Reactive Development will happily create a new plug-in for your site from scratch. We also can make changes and updates to fully customize an existing plug-in to change basic functionality that your web site requires. The possibilities are truly endless.


While many developers will build your site and leave you with a hand-shake and “good luck” wishes, we will, for an additional fee, give your staff full on-site training to maintain the web site in effective, cost-efficient ways for your business. Additionally, we will ensure that all of our work has full documentation to ensure easy and accurate updates, speedy maintenance, and up-to-date coding standards.