Clearwater Village

Clearwater Village project consisted of 2 key aspects of the project:

  1. PSD to 100% Custom WordPress theme
  2. Simple and Easy to use User Interface, which WordPress doesn’t have by default. 

The client received a custom WordPress theme and UI with 2 separate administrator accounts. The main account which is intended to be used by the end client has a stripped down version back-end.

We started by limiting the sections that this user could access, only allowing them to mannage pages and media. Then we removed the media section all together and replaced it with simple to use file upload fields that are easier to use than the media manager that is packaged with WordPress by default. Last the html editor was simplfied and the Html Editor was removed.

All was to accomplish the above 2 goals, 100% custom theme and easy to use WordPress content management system.

  • WordPress Development
  • SEO { HTML Markup Optimization }
  • SEO { CSS & Image Optimization }
  • Image Manipulation
  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS