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Our developers have truly honed their skills with a focus on web and application development. This ensures the best web and software development for our clients. The down-side, however, is that we do not offer services such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), web design, graphic design, animations, etc… However, with our strategic partnerships with freelancers and other web firms, we are able to offer our clients the full package from an extended team of professionals providing all of the necessary services required by any business. Best of all, we respect and trust our partners to provide high-quality results for you.

Strategic Partnerships

Reactive Development Strategic Partner Smiling Otis Studio

Russ Cox

Owner / Graphic Artist

Smiling Otis Studios

RUSS COX was raised by a pack of crazed hillbillies in the back woods of Tennessee. Without much in the way of modern conveniences, like a television set or running water, he spent his time drawing and whittling away the hours, often dreaming of the joys of a shower. After dismantling his grandfather’s lawn mower engine, and without a clue on how to get it back together, he soon realized that he did not have an automotive bone in his body. While in high school, Russ developed an interest in design and a passion for music. After graduating high school he got his education at a local art school. With a portfolio in his hand, he ventured into the world of design and illustration. He opened his own studio, Smiling Otis Studio, where he presently specializes in illustration, Flash animation and logo design. Recently he and ma packed up the wagon and headed to the wilderness of Maine where they have setup a homestead in Pittsfield. When not drawing, running amok in the snow, or training their four cats to sing Bohemian Rhapsody, Russ enjoys some quiet time with his banjo while also taking in the beauty of Maine. His wife would prefer him to play the triangle or build a sound proof room.

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Nathan Hawkes

President & Online Marketing Guru

Arcane Marketing

Nathan brings many years of technology and management experience to the table. As a true student to the Online Marketing industry, his talent stems from his uncanny ability to communicate and explain complex marketing concepts or strategies to anyone and to help them not only easily understand them, but also to get excited about implementing them. His experience stems from laboring and learning for over 15 years in the technology, retail, and management industries. He has managed people and produced successful teams that easily reach and surpass just about any goal placed before them. Having won multiple production and management awards over the years, Nathan brings and leads that work ethic and excitement to the Arcane Marketing team.

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