Web Development

Developing your site so that it looks as close to the original design you envisioned as possible is what makes Reactive Development what we like to call, “pixel-perfect.” We accomplish this by using only the best development practices and coding standards available in addition to our keen eye and attention to detail. Offering PSD-HTML services, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery, we are able to develop the site based on the designer’s original creative vision, implementing the core functionality with precision.

Web development service agreements

Reactive Development offers several competitive pricing options and packages. Depending on your needs and budget, we can work something out. One of our service agreements offers big discounts in exchange for paying for services in advance. Contact us to learn more about how you can save big on our development services.

Once in a while

Purchase a developer for 5 hours per week.
400per week
$80 per hour for a set amount of hours per week; additional hours will be billed at Normal 100.00 per hour rate. Learn More
72 hour response guarantee
5 Hours per week
USA Based

Part-time help

Add an experienced developer to your team.
800per week
$80 per hour for a set amount of hours per week; additional hours will be billed at Normal 100.00 per hour rate. Learn More
48 hour response guarantee
10 Hours per week
Developer as Liaison**
USA Based

Team member

Need an extra employee, hire one with years of experience
1200per week
$80 per hour for a set amount of hours per month; additional hours will be billed at Normal 100.00 per hour rate. Learn More
24 hour response guarantee
Time sheets avaialble upon request
15 Hours per week
Developer as Liaison**
After Hours Availability
USA Based

Responsive Development Frameworks

HTML5_developmentIn order to save our clients time and money, Reactive Development operates within powerful existing frameworks that are easily modified and tweaked for your needs. Frameworks are pre-built, existing codes using CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, and more, allowing site owners the complex functionality they need without the added cost. For CSS, we use grids for a quick layout. We also use Javascript libraries, such as JQuery and Scriptaculous, and HTML5 Boilerplate. We also use a variety of PHP Frameworks, such as WordPress, Zen Cart, and Concrete5 and are able to flawlessly integrate templates from PSD-HTML into those existing frameworks.

Utilizing these existing frameworks and libraries and integrating them into your business’s web site allows you the benefits of functionality without the time, effort and cost associated with creating them from scratch.

HTML Development Coast
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COAST Wind, Solar and Power

PHP Development Coffee News
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CoffeeNews FoodFinder

Concrete 5 Theme Development Pennwarehousing
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Penn Warehousing and Distribution


Social Networking and API Integration

Like frameworks and libraries, we utilize existing APIs within our client’s web sites like those developed by Google, Paypal, and Constant Contact. Why reinvent the wheel when so many companies already offer these services with highly developed and refined programming and software? This saves further time and money for our clients, with fewer headaches.

social_networking_api_integrationAdditionally, integrating your social networks into your web site is easy with their existing tools and applications. With a few minor tweaks, your social networks are flawlessly incorporated into your site using highly sophisticated programming that already exists, whether you’re happy with a basic widget or want searchable, index-able social media content on your site.


The number of web applications that are available are astronomical, and many of them are free and easily utilized by skilled web developers to create complex, dynamic web sites with user-friendly administrative and members-only areas. Called a CMS (Content Management System), these applications allow the average user to make simple updates to site content, manage users, add photos, and maintain the site on a daily basis. Your writers, editors, and content contributors won’t have to know or access complex, sensitive code in order to make updates to the content on your site, allowing you to keep your business news current without calling us for a simple update.

web_application_developmentThe work doesn’t end there, and Reactive Development helps you plan for the future with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software integration that helps you track customer behavior and control your brand’s image online. Like CMSs, CRMs are plentiful and vary in effectiveness, cost, and features. We will work with you to find the right CRM or help develop one for you.

One of the most powerful CMS applications is WordPress. With its existing framework, code libraries, and powerful plug-ins (including powerful CRM plug-ins that are easily integrated, modified, and user-friendly), a custom web site that is easy to maintain by your staff is easier and more cost-effective than ever before.