Control System Development

At Reactive Development, in addition to our web development services, we also offer control system development, home automation, commercial automation, and audio and video integration services. This is accomplished by developing an application that will connect to a panel, such as an Android touch panel, to control lights, handle audio and video integration and controls, and other electronic functions for home automation and commercial automation.

Control system development service agreements

We have numerous payment options and rates based on the size and scope of the control system development project you need. We offer different rates for home automation and commercial automation development services and take the technology and skill level required to perform the job into consideration when deciding on the cost of the project. Additionally, clients can opt to prepay for a certain number of hours and receive a discounted rate for any of our control system development services. Contact us for more details on how you can save money on Reactive Development Control System Development and other services we offer our clients.

Once in a while

Purchase a developer for 5 hours per week.
400per week
$80 per hour for a set amount of hours per week; additional hours will be billed at Normal 100.00 per hour rate. Learn More
72 hour response guarantee
5 Hours per week
USA Based

Part-time help

Add an experienced developer to your team.
800per week
$80 per hour for a set amount of hours per week; additional hours will be billed at Normal 100.00 per hour rate. Learn More
48 hour response guarantee
10 Hours per week
Developer as Liaison**
USA Based

Team member

Need an extra employee, hire one with years of experience
1200per week
$80 per hour for a set amount of hours per month; additional hours will be billed at Normal 100.00 per hour rate. Learn More
24 hour response guarantee
Time sheets avaialble upon request
15 Hours per week
Developer as Liaison**
After Hours Availability
USA Based

application_developmentControl System and Application Design

If your device has a control port, we can and will control it with programmed, user-friendly touchscreen applications. Whether your electronics utilize Ethernet or serial controls, we can automate it and put full control into your hands utilizing user-friendly applications.

Automation systems we have experience with include video and audio conferencing systems such as Letrosonics and Polycoms; audio control systems (volume switching, source selection, room combining) such as Letrosonics, Biamps and Audia; video control (turning televisions on or off, playing a video, volume controls) and light controls (turning lights on or off).

waci_application_developmentWACI Control Development

With WACI (Web Accessible Control Interface), we can connect to fully control commercial automation devices such as DVD players, audio and video conferencing systems, audio mixers and controllers, and video and audio matrices using web pages and the controls within them from any web-enabled device. This means you can access your automation system from a smartphone, laptop, PC or any other device you have connected to the Internet. Additionally, WACI is easily integrated within the existing system, allows for easy installation of new devices to the project, provides the freedom of choosing which programming languages to utilize and what touch screen computer device to use. As it requires no additional software for functionality, WACI is also cheaper than most other control systems on the market, saving time, money and effort for both Reactive Development and your company.

control_system_developmentInstallation Support, Audio Visual Support and Integration

While Reactive Development doesn’t handle integration, we have the experience to assist with wiring and installation of the WACI and other devices. We also offer specialized support for the WACI installation process and provide our professional and experienced suggestions to clients on which devices to put on order to handle the desired functionality and controls required for the project.

Training and Documentation

For an additional fee, Reactive Development offers on-site training services and detailed documentation to assist clients with proper use of the new control system for both home automation and commercial automation systems that we develop. We believe that having the developer who helped build the system take time to walk and talk you through the process helps clients understand and begin using the system quickly and efficiently. The full, detailed documentation allows clients to go back and look up instructions when necessary.