Reactive Development Service Agreements

At Reactive Development, we offer discount pricing to clients who sign up for specific service agreements and pay in advance for the maintenance of their web sites and applications developed by us. Below are the different service agreements, terms and pricing options that we offer to our clients.

Benefits of Using Service Agreements

Service agreements guarantee a certain amount of our time that we will dedicate to your web site at a reduced rate. As a regular client, your web site is our priority.

You don’t know what product you should choose?

All of our packages guarantee that Reactive Development will work on the upkeep of your web site on a regular basis at a reduce rate. Every package offers the following: 

  • * $60 per hour for a set amount of hours per month; additional hours will be billed at Normal 75.00 per hour rate.
  • ** E-mails, phone calls and meetings taking less than 10 minutes are included, within reason
  • *** Our developers will act as a liaison between the client and their business contacts as related to the web site.
  • After Hours Availability (within reason)

If you have questions, please contact our sales department by phone before purchasing and visit our user agreement contract page to fill out and submit your request. Remember, all agreements are non-refundable; however, we are happy to upgrade your services at any time.