WordCamp NYC 2012

by Reactive Development ,

Our Team at Reactive Development recently had the opportunity to attend the WordPress Wordcamp in New York City. WordPress is a web software tool used for blogging and content management. Learning more about WordPress will help our team improve their skills, functionality, and control. Understanding search engine optimization (SEO) will increase the visibility of websites and help the website be found by search engines.

At the WordCamp NYC 2012, the Reactive Development team was able to learn about creating customized themes for WordPress web sites, using Google Adwords to earn money with advertising on WordPress web sites, server optimization, integrating social media, widgets, plugins, web hosting, security, and so much more!

Most web sites now need have the capability to be viewed on mobile device operating systems, as well. The opportunity to attend the Wordcamp NYC in 2012, will improve the skills needed to utilize WordPress to the best of our team’s abilities for our client’s web sites. Networking is also an important aspect of information technology and the WordPress platform. Our team was able to network with WordPress users from around the world.

Since attending Wordcamp, our team is excited to begin applying their new and polished skills for our client’s web sites.