September 2012 New Portfolio Items

This past quarter has been busy one, with all of the projects we have been working on it has been hard to decide which ones to add to our portfolio. In the past three months we have added 3 new plugin development and 7 new WordPress development projects to our portfolio. Take a look.  


Plugin Development

featured_usersFeatured Users WordPress Plugin

Custom WordPress plugin which allows the administrator to easily star (feature) users. Then using a custom query in the theme we where able to get only the featured users by only retrieving users with the custom meta “jsfeatured_user”.
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delete_imgDisable Delete Post or Page WordPress Plugin

This WordPress Plugin gives the administrator the ability to hide the delete link from both the post / page lists and when editing a post / page.
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Custom Posts WordPress PluginFeatured Posts and Custom Posts WordPress Pluigin

WordPress Plugin to be easily used with Posts, Custom Posts, and with the Simple Page ordering plugin that we install on every WordPress Theme that we develop.
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WordPress Development

WordPress Development Absolute AVAbsolute AV

One phrase “Pulling WordPress by the horns!”, this theme is just that and with a little more. Absolute AV is a custom HTML5 WordPress theme that includes custom post-types, dynamic side-bars, custom widgets, naviagtion menus, and more.
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WordPress Development BARBAR

100% custom WordPress theme that is like nothing out there. With this theme the end user can control the AJAX navigation by adding and ordering pages. The theme was developed with the clients intentions in-mid, an easy yet powerful CMS.
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WordPress Theme Development Renewable PowerRenewable Power

100% Custom yet simple WordPress theme. With custom post-types, plugins and widgets. Yes widgets, custom sidebars with ability to customize and move items were ever the user wants.
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WordPress Development OmegaOmega Networx

Omega is a simple yet feature full WordPress theme. With custom navigations, slimmed administrative back-end and custom post-type home page slider. Any normal user can manage this website.
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WordPress Theme Development DJDDJD

DJD Lawyers is a 100% custom WordPress theme with complete control. The theme offers the abilty to preform all of your normal WordPress tasks and more. Include is a custom tailored back-end with a limited view for the end-client.
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WordPress Theme Development Ideal TradingIdeal Trading

Ideal Trading website is a Custom HTML5 WordPress theme with a conventional layout. Home page consists a page template with custom jQuery slider using a custom post-type to manage and custom tinyMCE styles allow the user to control the text / font styles with ease.
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WordPress Theme Development KopelmanKopelman

Kopelman was gievn as a PSD and we converted it to a 100% HTML5 WordPress Theme. The design was provided by the client with instructions to make an easy-to-use WordPress administrative area.
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