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Custom WordPress DevelopmentReactive Development offers WordPress Development services to our clients who want a simple, cost-effective solution to their dynamic, database driven sites. With most of the basic functionality already created in WordPress, a WordPress developer can create a professional membership site complete with a blog and easily integrated widgets and functions quickly, efficiently, and within a stricter budget.

Need a dynamic and powerful web site with user-friendly applications?
Contact us and a WordPress developer will get in touch to deliver a custom WordPress web site for your business.

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Ideal Trading

By the hourOnce in a whilePart-time helpTeam member
75$ p/hour300$ p/month600$ p/month900$ p/month
1 hour5 hours per month*10 hours per month*15 hours per month*
xCalls & Emails inc.**Calls & Emails inc.**Calls & Emails inc.**
xxDeveloper as Liaison***Developer as Liaison***
xxxAfter Hours Availability

Service agreements guarantee a certain amount of our time that we will dedicate to your projects at a reduced rate. As a regular client, your projects are our priority. If you have questions, please contact our sales department by phone before purchasing and visit our user agreement contract page to fill out and submit your request.

* $60 per hour for a set amount of hours per month; additional hours will be billed at Normal 75.00 per hour rate.
** E-mails, phone calls and meetings taking less than 10 minutes are included, within reason. 
*** Our developers will act as a liaison between the client and their business contacts as related to the web site. 
**** After Hours Availability (within reason) and  Time sheets are avaialble upon request.

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